Here's what CSA members are saying!

"Quality organic veggies and plenty of them...very impressed with the quantity in our share, and appreciate the newsletter and recipe ideas - 5 stars for sure!"

"You (Farmer Jesse) did an amazing job! Especially for this being your 1st year and less than cooperative weather. Please keep doing the newsletter. That was one of the best parts. It made it personal, and the recipes were fun to try. Hope to see the CSA continue to grow and do well!"

"I really enjoyed being a part of the CSA and achieving my personal goals."

"Fresh tomatoes, carrots, beets, onions, and kale were very delicious and easy to incorporate into my normal diet."

"I was glad to be a part of your 1st year as a CSA owner! You will do great! Keep doing it!!"

"So pleased with the beautiful quality of all the produce."

"Loved the variety and exposure to produce."

"Loved the quantity and quality of greens."

"I like the opportunity to cook with veggies I wouldn't normally think to buy for myself."

"Loved the photos (in the newsletter) to help identify more unusual produce; great recipes (in the newsletter)!

"Great first year!"

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