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Customize Your Share Option


If you would like to have more control over what you receive in your share, and have better ease of incorporating more of the veggies that you enjoy into your diet, then the customize your share option would be a great choice. On the Friday prior to picking up your CSA share, you will receive an email with a list of all the veggies currently available. You will then simply select the veggies you would like, based on how many you are allowed to choose, submit the form, and that is what you will receive in your upcoming share.

If you like to be surprised with what you are receiving and enjoy a wide range of vegetables, then the standard share would be a good option for you. We (the farmer) choose what goes in each of your shares. We vary each share as much as possible, so CSA members can experience a wide variety of vegetables in their diet.


New for 2024: Now offering more variety!


We will now be listing items that are in limited supply as part of the choice selections in the customize your share option. In previous seasons, we only listed an item if it met the required inventory level for every CSA member to have availability to it. We will still be doing this for the majority of the items, but we will also be including some items that are in limited supply. 


For example, let’s say on a given week, there are 45 heads of Romaine lettuce available in the field for harvest. On that given week, 30 CSA members are filling out the custom form to select which vegetables they would like in their upcoming share. Traditionally, we would only list Romaine lettuce once on the form, so that if every CSA member chose it, we would be able to supply 30 heads of lettuce. But what about the remaining 15 heads of lettuce? This year, we will be providing an avenue of access to these limited items. Romaine lettuce would be listed once as we usually do, but we would also list it again as an entirely separate option. This second option would read something like: “Romaine lettuce - 15 available - defaults to onions once inventory runs out”. This means the first 15 CSA members to choose this option would receive a head of Romaine lettuce. Any CSA members who choose this option after the inventory on the lettuce has run out, would receive onions instead.


We are offering this option because it is a great way for CSA members to double up on certain items (in the example above, receive two heads of Romaine lettuce for choosing it for choosing it each time), and it's a great way to offer a single items that is in short supply, and otherwise wouldn’t be listed as an option to be selected at all. See the image below for an example of how this would look when a CSA member is filling out a form to select which veggies they would like to receive in their upcoming share.

Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 9.22.29 AM.png
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