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Clark Family Mushrooms

Clark Family Mushrooms are first generation mushroom growers! They specialize in growing culinary and medicinal mushrooms indoors all year round. They start with liquid culture and the rest is up to them. They specialize in Shiitake, Lions Mane, Oysters, Chestnuts and more!

Clark Family Gardens is all about natural and sustainable growing methods! They use all organic ingredients and inputs, including the liquid culture (mushroom spores) that are certified organic. They also shop local as much as possible, including using organic soy from Brodhead. 

Mushrooms are harvested within 48 hours of ordering for the best and freshest quality, and are to be stored in the refrigerator to maintain a shelf life of at least 7 days.

Upbeet Produce is offering 4 different mushroom share options that CSA members can add-on with their vegetable CSA share:

-Every other week (EOW) mushroom share - $99

-Weekly mushroom share - $194

With each share, you receive one 8 oz container of fresh picked mushrooms during the 22 week CSA season! With the customize option, you will choose which mushroom variety you would like to receive one week prior to each delivery.

Click here to add on a mushroom share with your vegetable CSA share!


live mushrooms growing at Clark Family Mushrooms
fresh harvested mushrooms displayed at the farmers market
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