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Rye Wheat is grown in Wisconsin organic soils. Rye flour helps optimizes your heart health. Enjoy the earthy flavors and reduce the amount of gluten in your recipes by using rye flour to replace all or a portion of all-purpose flour. And if that isn’t good enough, it even tastes better (at least in the opinion of most bakers) and has several potential health benefits, including better blood sugar control and improved heart and digestive health. Contains all the health-giving nutrients of the best from which it is ground just for you with the germ, natural oils and fibers. 

  • ORIGIN: Wisconsin, USA. Blessings to those who support our independent Organic Family-owned Farm. Huge Thank you for supporting American products and Farmers-The Other Essential Worker.
  • Organic Product: Doudlah Farms Organics - USDA Certified Organic Rye Flour is 100% NON-GMO.
  • Organic Light Rye is becoming increasingly popular due to its nutritional benefits and bakes up like white bread with all the benefits of Rye.
  • Lower Gluten Content with a savory and subtle taste. YUMMY 
  • Storage Tip: Air-tight container in refrigerator or freezer for longer shelf life!

Rye flour - 1.5 pound bag

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