All of the microgreen shares for 2022 are filled up.

About Microgreens


Microgreens are similar to sprouts except they are grown on a medium and harvested just above the root zone. They are grown on 8"x5" coconut fiber pads (no coconut flavor) and are ready for eating just a few weeks after seeding. Imagine seeding a broccoli plant and then eating the entire plant just a few weeks after it has been growing. That's exactly what microgreens are! These young plants are very tender, tasty, and incredibly nutrient dense.  Multiple varieties of microgreens are grown including: radishes, kale, salad mix, arugula, leeks, broccoli, and kohlrabi.


The microgreens are grown hydroponically in purified reverse osmosis water. No chemicals or fertilizers are used, and the seeds are non-GMO or organic. 

His microgreens are grown on a coconut fiber pad and are distributed to the end consumer this way. This allows the end consumer to cut the microgreens as they need them, making the greens live food for more nutrients, and providing a longer shelf life.

microgreens 2.jpeg

How to use microgreens

Microgreens go great on top of a lot of foods! They are good on salads, eggs, sandwiches, pasta dishes, smoothies, pizza, and as a general garnish on a variety of dishes. 

microgreens 4.jpeg

Arugula microgreens on pizza

microgreens 3.jpeg

Broccoli microgreens on eggs

Flavor of Microgreens

Salad mix: nutty, fresh brasica flavors, mild spice

Radishes: nutty, spicy and fresh

Arugula: peppery flavor, slightly buttery and cabbage-like

Kale: strong broccoli (brassica) flavor, nutty and rich

Leek: onion flavor

Kohlrabi: broccoli and cabbage flavor

Sign up for Microgreens

We will be offering multiple share options for Microgreens:

-Every other week (EOW) share - $154: 2 pads of microgreens delivered EOW for 22 weeks.

-Every other week (EOW) share with customize your share option - $170: 2 pads of microgreens (of your choosing with each delivery) delivered EOW for 22 weeks. We reccomend this share option for those who are new to microgreens.

-Weekly share - $308: 2 pads of microgreens delivered weekly for 22 weeks. (Vegetable CSA members with a *weekly* vegetable CSA share only)

-Weekly share with customize your share option - $328: 2 pads of microgreens (of your choosing with each delivery) delivered weekly for 22 weeks. (Vegetable CSA members with a *weekly* vegetable CSA share only; we reccomend this share option for those who are new to microgreens.)

If you have already signed up for a CSA share with Upbeet Produce and would like to include a microgreen add-on with your share, click here.

About Mark

Mark believes that people should have access to sustainably, responsible grown food that is highly nutritious all year long. (yes, he grows microgreens inside to make them available all year long!). 

In 2020 his brother-in-law told Mark's wife about microgreens, how to grow them,  and how nutritious they were. This peaked his interest, as they were wanting to move towards a more plant based diet. 

He began researching methods of growing microgreens and realized that hydroponics that incorporate the use of coconut pads would work best for what he wanted to achieve. He had tried microgreens that were really good but were grown differently and already cut. He wanted a product that could hold nutritional value longer and that could be grown inside. 

Since spring of 2021, he's been able to make them available at Janesville farmers market alongside Upbeet Produce.

Mark's Microgreens- It's live food for abundant life!

Health Benefits of Microgreens

Microgreens are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A microgreen contains a lot of the nutrients needed for the plant when it eventually gets bigger, making microgreens very nutrient dense. Here's a list of nutrients found in the various microgreens offered by Mark: vitamins A, B, C, E, and K; calcium, iron, beta-carotenes, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, essential amino acids, antioxidants, fiber, and copper.