New for 2023: Home Delivery

Screenshot from 2022-02-04 17-06-04.png

If you would like your CSA share delivered to your home, you will first need to look at the map above to see if you are in the route zone. Anything inside of the yellow rectangles qualifies. Due to this being a first year trial run, we are keeping the route geographically close to the already established CSA pick-up sites.


Here's how home delivery works:

You are provided with a cooler from us, which you will place in a shady place outside of your house - front porch, under a tree, etc. (we will not be able to deliver to apartments). When we deliver your CSA share, we will place it in the cooler - possibly with ice depending on the temperature - and you will receive a text message notifying you that your share has been delivered. You do not need to be home when your share is delivered.

For pricing and sign up, click here. This service is a trial run, so we are limiting the available spots, first come first serve.