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This cornmeal is FINE ground cornmeal flour.  AMAZING if I have to say so myself.  No large dried corn chucks!!  All natural organic corn flour grown in Wisconsin Certified Organic Soils.  It is comprised of the entire corn kernel. Use in any baking recipe & for delicious corn bread!  HINT: Fine consistency.  Great source of Fiber, Proteins & Complex Carbohydrates.  This makes an incredible cornbread or tortillas.  Since it is a gluten free product & ground fine you can use like any flour; its texture and sweetness makes great cookies and other sweet breads. 

  • ORIGIN: Wisconsin USA.  Doudlah Farms thank you for supporting American products and farmers.  The other Essential Worker.   
  • MILLED: Wisconsin Fine Consistency! 
  • Storage Tips:  Store in Air-tight containers in refrigerator or Freezer for longer shelf life and freshness 
  • SAFE: No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives Added.   
  • USDA Certified Organic. 100% NON-GMO 
  • WARNING: Processed in plant with wheat products.


Cornmeal - 1.5 pound bag

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